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Petstages Grow-With-Me Ring is the ideal chewing toy for your growing puppy! Made with Orka TPE material that is durable, yet gentle enough on teeth and gums. This chew toy satisfies your pup's instinctual needs to gnaw and bite as they go through the teething process with three types of textures. Feel free to toss this multi-colored chew toy around at the park or pool because it's both buoyant and bouncy!

  • multi-stage dog chew toy:The Orka Grow-With-Me Ring is a chew toy meant to last your pup during his teething stages and beyond with 3 different types of textures to provide relief for their natural urge to chew while reducing destructive behavior.
  • durable tpe orka material:Durable, food-safe TPE material is used to construct this brightly colored chew toy so you can feel safe about the products your pup uses.
  • supports healthy gums & teeth:The tough yet flexible Orka material helps to massage dogs' gums as they chew and exercise their jaw muscles.
  • bounces & floats:Maintain your pup's physical and mental wellbeing by using the Grow-With-Me Ring for games of fetch. Play near lakes and fields without worry of this buoyant dog toy breaking or sinking.
  • play it safe:No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

Orka Grow-With-Me-Ring Dog Chew Toy, Multi

  • 2 weeks

  •  Petstages chews are non-edible and are meant for dogs only. As with any chew toy, we always recommend monitoring your dog's use and replacing after reasonable wear, no toy is indestructible. Remove if excessive consumption occurs or pieces larger than a piece of rice are chewed off. Know your dog’s chewing habits and teeth strength, your pet’s safety is your responsibility. For additional safety information, please visit our Petstages safety page to review our suggested 10 Chew Commandments.

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