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These K9 Sport Sack® policies were carefully crafted under the direction of multiple veterinarians and dog trainers.  Although great care has been taken to ensure the maximum safety of you and your pet, outdoor activities contain inherent risks which can be increased by the weight of a pet on your back.  Sudden changes in position can jeopardize balance, leading to accidents and injury for you or your pet.  Please do not attempt any activity at which you are not proficient and possess the strength to do so.  Do not attempt to use the K9 Sport Sack® without employing ALL of the safety measures found below and in the safety information that came with your order.  K9 Sport Sack® accepts no liability for any injury or death, either yours or your pets caused by accident or misuse of the K9 Sport Sack®. 
The K9 Sport Sack® is intended for use only by healthy dogs and is not prescribed for any injury, ailment or other infirmity. While the K9 Sport Sack® has been approved by veterinarians for use by all breeds, various breeds have anatomical differences that may require increased vigilance, decreased riding time, changes in positioning or size of carrier.  Heavier dogs and dogs with longer legs may need more frequent breaks, dogs with wider torsos may need increased vigilance and shorter dogs may require additional padding on the floor of the bag.  The K9 Sport Sack® should not be used for any dog of any breed with any of the following:
Back injuries, neck injuries, abdominal injuries, chest injuries, heart conditions, lung conditions, glaucoma, within the healing period after an orthopedic surgery or within 24 hours of any surgery that required sedation.
Please consult with your veterinarian first if your dog has any other medical issue to see if the K9 Sport Sack is right for you. 
Do not use the K9 Sport Sack for extended time periods in direct sunlight and/or hot days. We recommend charting frequency with which your dog seeks shade on a warm day and use that schedule to keep your dog from overheating.  In moderate to cool temperatures allow your dog 15 minutes out of the K9 Sport Sack for every 45 minutes in.  Adjust this to accommodate for hotter days and use cooling products when possible.  Please remember to keep your dog hydrated and fed and cease use immediately if your dog exhibits any signs of overheating.  
K9 Sport Sack is not meant to replace exercise for your dog.  The K9 Sport Sack is intended to allow your dog to keep up on long bike rides, long hikes or go places that dogs generally have trouble traveling.  Please continue to give your dog regular exercise outside the K9 Sport Sack.
There are several safety mechanisms included in the bag such as the carabiner collar clip, lumber and zipper support straps, zipper loop, side cinch straps, sternum straps, mesh sides panels among others.  If these measures are properly employed it is impossible for the dog to exit the carrier unaided.  It is critical that you familiarize yourself with these features and employ them every use. "

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