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Crack N' Fetch Stick

Crack N' Fetch Stick


The Petstages Crack N' Fetch Stick makes a unique crackle sound that dogs love. Just give it a twist and send it flying to keep your dog fetching happy. Durably designed with a stick shape that's easy to carry, the Crack N' Fetch Stick will keep your pup playing longer.

  • SNAP, CRACKLE, CHOMP! The Crack N' Fetch Stick makes a fun crackly sound that dogs can't resist.
  • GREAT SHAPE: Easy to hold and easy to throw, this toy is great for fetch games.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Made with quality materials, the Crack N' Fetch Stick stands up to repeated use.
  • FLOATS AND BOUNCES: This toy floats and bounces, making it great for play on water or land.
  • TIE-DYE PATTERN: Bright and easy to find indoors and outdoors.
  • Dispatch

    2 weeks