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Honeycomb Hide-A-Ball Cat Toy

Honeycomb Hide-A-Ball Cat Toy


The Honeycomb Hide-A-Ball will satisfy your kitty’s hunting and scratching urges at the same time! The two catnip balls encourage energetic play while the corrugate toy is great for scratching and batting. Easily add or remove the catnip balls by pulling open the corrugate toy and inserting the catnip balls in the top or bottom.

  • INCLUDES: 2 catnip balls to encourage energetic play
  • TWO TOYS IN ONE: Cats can bat and scratch the corrugate toy, then remove the catnip toys for more fun.
  • EASY TO REPLACE: Pull open the top or bottom of the corrugate toy to add or remove the catnip toys.
  • FEATHERY FUN: Feathers engage cats' natural hunting instincts.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Makes it easier to bat, chase and carry
  • Dispatch

    2 weeks