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Naturals Hempyz Toucan

Naturals Hempyz Toucan


Bring home some earth-friendly and dog-friendly fun with Outward Hound Naturals! Made of natural materials like wool, hemp, rubber, jute, and coconut husk stuffing instead of synthetic polyfill, Naturals have more of what you want in a dog toy and less of the things you don’t. Gentle on the planet and perfect for gentle play, your pup will love the textures, scents and sounds of Outward Hound Naturals.

  • NATURAL MATERIALS: Made with natural hemp, cotton bindings, coconut husk stuffing & free of synthetic polyfill, our Hempyz Toucan is earth-friendly and pet-friendly. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE: Our dogs matter, and so does the earth, that why we created a line of toys that are Eco-friendly, sustainable and a way to make the planet a better place while your pup plays!
  • GENTLE PLAY: With natural textures and scents dogs love, the Outward Hound Hempyz Toucan is a great canine companion for cuddling comfort, fetching fun, and all around gentle play. 
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    2 weeks