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Orka Dentalinks Dog Chew Toy

Orka Dentalinks Dog Chew Toy


Petstages Orka chew toys are made for small dogs and puppies that low to play and chew, while helping to reduce boredom and destructive behavior. Reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond textures, these toys stand up to tough chewing while keeping dogs interested and satisfied. Orka Dentalinks by Petstages are fun to shake, chew, and tug! Multiple textures and chewy material massage gums and clean teeth. Solid rings are incredibly durable and can stand up to any game of tug!

  • IMPROVES DENTAL HEALTH: The Petstages Dentalinks chew toy is designed with pliable TPE and rope providing multiple textures that help to massage gums and improve dental health while dogs chew and play.
  • THE FUN GROWS WITH YOUR PUP: Designed with a raised bumpy Orka material, the Dentalinks satisfies the urge to chew and play at any age. Perfect for teething puppies, this chew toy will remain a chomping, chewing favorite even as they grow.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Not too big, not too small, the Dentalinks is perfect for puppies and small dogs that love to chew.
  • TONS OF TEXTURES: Durably constructed with Orka material and multiple textures that make play interesting, our Petstages Dentalinks makes for a great multi-sensory experience and fantastic fun for your pup!
  • INTRIGUING: Shapes and colors to chew, toss around and chase.
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    2 weeks