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Orka Tire

Orka Tire


Petstages Orka chew toys are made for power chewers, providing your pup with an appropriate chew while helping to reduce boredom and destructive behavior. Reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond textures, these toys stand up to tough chewing while keeping dogs interested and satisfied. The Orka Tire by Petstages is the ideal chewing toy for your large or medium sized pup! The durable one piece construction can withstand the toughest chewing, while the "chewy" Orka material is easy on teeth and jaws. Textures add interest and massage gums.

  • LASTS LONGER: Durable one piece construction adds strength
  • SATISFIES CHEWERS: Thick rim stands up to tough chewing and challenges your pup harder to get treats out
  • HOLDS TREATS: Stuff with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble to keep them occupied
  • UNPREDICTABLE BOUNCE: Flexible rubber bounces for extra fun
  • FLOATS: Buoyant material makes this a great water toy
  • Dispatch

    2 weeks