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Peanut Stuffer Dog Toy

Peanut Stuffer Dog Toy


The treat stuffing Peanut Stuffer is a durable nylon chew that occupies even some of the strongest chewers. This treat stuffer may look and feel like a peanut but is allergen-free. This chew toy is perfect to stuff with peanut butter or dog treats. It can even be played with after all treats are gone.

  • ALLERGEN FREE PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOR: An added flavor that dogs love without the mess and irritants!
  • UNIQUE SHAPE FOR CHEWING: The added texture and shape of this treat stuffer makes for a great playtime chew toy once all treats are eaten.
  • DURABLE CHEW TOY: Made of nylon, this chew toy will extend any dogs chew time.
  • HOLDS TREATS: Stuff with your dogs favorite treats and goodies like peanut butter!
  • LOOKS LIKE A REAL PEANUT: Looks like a peanut, smells like a peanut, but a dog chew
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