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Surprise Tailz Dog Toy

Surprise Tailz Dog Toy


Our new Surprise Tailz were designed for you and your pup to unbox each toy to reveal a fun surprise dog toy inside! Each toy ball has 1 just one of our 3 Surprise Tailz animals inside for your pup to pull out and play with or use the toy ball for fun interactive fetch! Featuring Charlie the Cheetah, Marley the Monkey, and Uma the Unicorn, COLLECT THEM ALL!

  • SURPRISE!: Let your dog pull the tail out of the toy ball to reveal 1 of our 3 new characters!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Each toy ball has 1 of our 3 new colorful tail animals, featuring (1) Uma the Unicorn, (2) Charlie the Cheetah, (3) Marley the Monkey.
  • 2 TOYS IN 1: Refill the toy ball with your Surprise Tailz animal and watch your dog try to pull it out or use for fun fetch play!
  • NO STUFFING NO MESS: Free from fluff, our Surprise Tailz are filled with crinkle that dogs love for floppy fun play.
  • INTERACTIVE: Great for fun fetch play or re-stuff the ball to keep your dog entertained.
  • Dispatch

    2 weeks